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About TVAN

Tech Valley Angel Network was founded in 2001 by seven local business people to help entrepreneurs find the funding they need to grow their business.

Beginning in mid-September, 2005, the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) began managing TVAN and in March 2006, absorbed TVAN completely, to join with two other major Venture Funding initiatives in the Capital Region already run by CEG, Venture Bplan and the SmartStart Venture Forum. This brings together CEG's programs throughout funding continuum that support technological entrepreneurship. Most of the TVAN founding partners are still an active part of TVAN in providing invaluable insight and expertise in attempting to choose the most promising business endeavors an opportunity to present to angels seeking to invest in this area.

Our Process

TVAN seeks growth-oriented, technology companies that are located within 150 miles of Albany, New York and are seeking $1 million or less in investments - though there are always exceptions to this standard. All those seeking investment must fill out a Business Review Form in order to be considered. Once submitted, TVAN will review the application and contact the applicant to determine next steps.

If selected, entrepreneurs are then invited to present their plan to the TVAN Review Comittee.
After viewing the presentation, the members are able to ask for further clarification on any given point and
make suggestions to prepare them for potentially presenting to the angels.
The members work with the venture to refine and clarify the presentation to help give
the best opportunity of funding if they are invited back to present to the monthly angel dinner.

Final presentations are given at private monthly dinner meetings where entrepreneurs present directly to the Angels, followed by a period of question and answers. Offline, the Angels then discuss the presentations to gather feedback and discuss investment potential. Following the dinners, the anonymous feedback is sent to the presenters for their review and to give them an opportunity to clarify any points made by the investors. Once any responses from the presenters are received, they are then sent back to the investors for their review
to help them in their decision of whether or not to invest.